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World׳s first community driven Defi Adventure token

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Today we are launching the first of a kind, the one and only ADVENTURE TOKEN !!!!

We have no doubt you have been told stories about a mysterious creature that lurks in the depth of lake Loch Ness. Well that glorious creature is Nessie and despite all the talk, until now, only a few expeditions have set out to prove Nessie’s existence. In fact, it seems like the search for NESSIE has been abandoned.

That's where we come in, we believe the world deserves the chance to see that NESSIE is real!!! Embark with us on the adventure of finding NESSIE, while becoming a more successful

investor. Our objective is to send exploration expeditions to find our beloved NESSIE.


The DeFi world has evolved. Staking, Liquidity Mining, and Yield Farming are at play, while investors lock their tokens for extended periods of time. We aim to become a go-to place for Staking and Yielding, while leading the way to new horizons.

The smart contract involves a 4% fee on buy and sell transactions, and 2% of this fee is automatically distributed among holders, without farming. This means that the number of tokens in your wallet will constantly increase as people perform transactions. You earn just by holding NESSIE. The more transactions, the more you earn.

The NESSIE smart contract extracts 1% of every transaction and automatically adds it to the liquidity pool. The liquidity pool grows with time, which means that NESSIE will have a higher price floor. This liquidity pool will be used for upcoming projects determined by a community vote.

The remaining 1% of every transaction disintegrates automatically, unlike other protocols where the disintegration is manual. This makes NESSIE more decentralized.


The number of rewards grow exponentially as long as an investor holds NESSIE in their wallet. Holders also profit due to the success of the token, investors with an active stake in NESSIE become increasingly successful.

Each NESSIE transaction leads to greater volumes that result in rewards from distribution.

Token Burn

For every NESSIE transaction there's a token burn, meaning that 1% will be automatically sent to a Black Hole Address. As this address is defined as a NESSIE holder, it also receives a 2% of each transaction. Each disintegration reduces the circulation supply of NESSIE.

Therefore, NESSIE has an ever-growing price floor in addition to effectively reducing the NESSIE supply in circulation

In addition, a total of 40% of Nessie tokens will be burned after a year and a half, in our unique process that will occur every two months.


1% of each NESSIE transaction is automatically sent to a Liquidity Pool (LP), in preparation for the big adventure – finding NESSIE. The decision to access the LP and prepare for future expeditions will be decided upon by a community vote.

NESSIE cares about the community!!!


NESSIE is a fully automated protocol. Once created, the percent distribution will not be changed. 2% is distributed to holders, 1% is automatically burned and 1% goes to a LP, which is only used for NESSIE future projects.


420,420,420,420 max total supply
420,420,420,420 tokens total supply

420,386,619,377 total supply

10% in circulation

21,021,021,021 Launch Burn

5% team wallet

80% will be used to protect inflation! Every two months 10% will be distributed in a way which 5% will go to the burn address and the remaining 5% will be added to the supply.

In total - out of the 80%, 40% will be burned and the remaining 40% will be added to supply. This process will take a year and a half until completion.

This is our way to ensure that NESSIE remains stable and to avoid Pump and Dump For each transaction incurs a 4% fee (2% distribution 1% burn 1% LP )